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Unhide Hidden Files


Windows offers an easy way to quickly hide folders Unhide Hidden Files from unsuspecting eyes. This method requires that Windows does not show hidden files and folders. So changing this setting is the first step in this approach…



How To Hide File or Folder



Open File Explorer (Select any folder or Sub Folder) and go to Tools > Folder options.


With in Folder Options switch to the View tab.


Under Files and Folders find the option Hidden files and folders and select Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives.


Click OK and, with the next few step proceed to hide a folder or sub folder’s you want to hide

unhide hidden files

step 1












Right click on folder or sub folders’ you want to hide and select Properties.


In the General tab check  the View option and check down and to Do you want hide or show as you wise check down and apply and hide a folder or sub folder

unhide hidden files

step 2












Go to Advanced… to change Archive and Index attributes; you might want to block indexing of the folder contents.


Click OK to save your changes.


How Can I Un hide My virus Hide File

The first thing to do is remove the virus (the fake antivirus or software) because it will just hide them again your files or folder Follow our series of guides on how to remove viruses and protected unhide your files and folders.


You are sure to you  have already removed all the viruses on your computer  or laptop you can now unhide your personal files and folders. We have to ways to doing and done it


  1. Manually (not recommended to all only expert do it ). You can unhide evry file or folder and item by entering a command prompt and changing the ‘hidden’ attribute or folder permissions of the files using the attrib command. We do not recommend this to you and all because it is not a esay then it is allow only expert’s and it this process is west more time but it is work very fine and very easy to miss certain folders that need to be unhidden.


  1. Automatically (recommended). Download the unhide.exe software program for your Computer or laptop here save it to your laptop or computer then right click the software program icon and select run as a administrator it to run the program  it may take quite a while  (2minute or more than  30 plus minutes) to run depending on your hard drive folder or files so running software program and leave it for some minute until it finishes.


The software program automatically repair your computer and un hides your  folder or files except hidden some system like appdata program data it is still unhide because it is always is hide on your computer or laptop  Unhide.exe software program is basically execute the attrib command to change the hidden attribute  of all your files and folders to normally visible attribute Once it has finished you are now be able to view and open your documents/pictures/music again





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