system restore windows 10 and how to create a restore point

system restore windows 10 and how to create a restore point in All Windows

system restore windows 10

(system restore windows 10 Kya Hai Aur Kyu Banate Hai)










system restore windows 10 is a very old Windows system recovery tool that you’ll want to know how to use when your Windows computer or device starts to malfunction. in just a couple of minutes. It can save you from a lot of trouble and weste of your important  reverting your computer to a working state,In this guide we will explain what System Restore is, why it is useful, how to access it and how to create a system restore point by yourself, so that you can use it when the going gets tough. There’s plenty of ground to cover so let’s get started:


system restore windows 10 (System Restore Kya Hai)

System recovery tool System Restore is a that allows you to reverse the changes that were made to your Windows operating system. It works like a  Undo option  button but for changes that were made to system settings and file like drivers, registry key installed softwear or apps and so on. restore backup and  documents, pictures and other personal files on your system. System Restor windows 10 dont touch your file only r   make a backup of your important files,  If you want to you should be you use File History or a cloud storage service like mediafire or Dropbox. setting up a backup system for your personal files If you need some help , doing some steps









However, on newer operating systems like Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, this is not always the case and you should make sure that it is turned on and working. On older versions of Windows, like Windows 7, System Restore is turned on by default.


When this is feature is enabled, it makes periodic screnshoot’s or image of your system (normaly once a week) or each time you make any new changes to the system or pc like such as the installation of new software.These screenshot’s or image

We are called a restore point. You can also create restore point manually, when you consider necessary


If you can face any issue with your  Windows, you can easily back to any privious restore points and continue to use Windows if the recent system changes had never happened.


Restore is very useful when you encounter currpt drivers that hang or very disbalance your system, after installing desktop softwears that have a effect on your computing performance or after installing

some currupt Windows Updates that crash your computer or laptop system  Restoring your computer to a previous state with System Restore can often clear up your problems in just a couple of minutes.

What happens when you restore your Windows computer with System Restore Windpws 10 ? (Kya Hoga Agar Aap System Restore Karte Hai Toh)

When you restore your Windows computer to a previous state with Restore, the following things happen:


All your system settings are restored to what they were when the restore point was made

The all  apps that were installed since the restore point was made will get uninstalled

All the drivers that were installed since the restore point was made will get uninstalled

the Windows Updates that were installed since the restore point was made will get uninstalled

Your files or personal folder’s that are stored in user folders

(Documents, Pictures, Music ) or on partitions other than the C: drive, will untouched


How to access system restore windows 10 in Windows? (Kaise Pahuche System Restore Tak)

If you want to launch the System Restore tool and create manual restore points or edit its settings, you need to log in as an administrator and open the Control Panel. If you need some help Toh Niche KI Steps dekhe


There, go to System and Security and click or tap System.


Firstly Go to Control Panel And Click Below Image Highlight














In the System window, click or tap the “System protection” link on the left. your pc or laptop

account is not a admin at this point Windows will ask you to enter the admin password.

Yaha Apse PassWord Pucha ja Sakta hai Toh password Jo windows ka h Wo dale















The System Properties window is opened. Here you can see the drives on your computer and whether Restore is turned on for each of them. If you want to configure the way it

works, read and follow this To create a manual restore point, click or tap the Create button.














The Protection wizard starts, which will help you create a restore point for the drives where Restore is turned on. Type a meaningful description for the restore point, to help you figure out why you created it. Then, click or tap Create.









The System Protection wizard takes a while to create the restore point.

in a modern computer, it takes 20 to 50 seconds to create it



What is System Restore






it is informed when the restore point was created.




close the pc or laptop  Properties window and you are done the job

You are success fully create a restore point