google search console now replaced with url inspection tool know everything

URL inspection tool 

google search console now replaced with url inspection tool know everything







New URL investigation instrument and more in Search Console

sturday, July 28, 2018

A couple of months prior, we presented the  URL inspection tool is a new Search Console. . Here are a few reports on how it’s advancing.

Welcome “URL investigation” instrument

One of our most basic client asks for in Search Console is for more points of interest on how Google Search sees a particular URL.

We tuned in, and today we’ve begun propelling another instrument, “URL review,” to give these points of interest so Search turns out to be more straightforward.

URL Inspection Tool












The URL inspection tool instrument gives nitty gritty creep, file, and serving data about your pages,


URL Inspection Tool












straightforwardly from the Google list. crawl, index, and serving information

Enter a URL that you claim to take in the last slither date and status, any creeping or ordering blunders, and the authoritative URL for that page.

In the event that the page was effectively ordered, you can see data and status about any upgrades we found on the page,

for example, connected AMP form or rich outcomes like Recipes and Jobs.

URL are ordered with legitimate AMP upgrade

On the off chance that a page isn’t listed, you can realize why.

The new report incorporates data about noindex robots meta labels and Google’s sanctioned URL for the page.

URL ordered due to ‘noindex’ meta tag in the HTML

A solitary snap can take you to the issue report demonstrating every other

page influenced by a similar issue to enable you to find and fix regular bugs.

We trust that the URL Inspection tool instrument will enable you to troubleshoot issues with new or existing pages

in the Google Index. We started moving it out today; it will end up accessible to all clients in the coming weeks. noindex robots meta tags

Additional energizing updatesm

Notwithstanding the dispatch of URL investigation, we have a couple of more highlights and reports we as of late propelled to the new Search Console:

• Sixteen long stretches of movement information: The Search Analytics API presently returns 16 months of information, much the same as the Performance report.

• Recipe report: The Recipe report enable you to settle organized information issues influencing formulas rich outcomes.

Utilize our assignment situated interface to test and approve your fixes; we will keep you educated on your advance utilizing messages.

URL Inspection tool

• New Search Appearance channels in Search Analytics: The execution report presently gives you greater perceivability

on new hunt appearance comes about, including Web Light and Google Play Instantresults.

Much thanks to you for your criticism

We are continually perusing your criticism, leading reviews, and observing use measurements of the new Search Console.

upbeat to see such a significant number of you utilizing the new issue validation flow Coverage and the AMP report. in URL Inspection tool

see that issues have a tendency to get settled faster when you utilize these instruments.

We additionally observe that you welcome the reports on the approval procedure that we give by email or on the approval points of interest page.

We can need to thank everybody who gave input: it has helped us enhance our streams and fix bugs on our side.

More to come in URL Inspection tool

The new Search Console is as yet beta, yet it’s including highlights and reports each month. If you don’t mind continue sharing your input through the different channels and let us know how we’re doing.